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Laptop Repairs in Plymouth

Welcome to our website. We offer affordable laptop repair services in the Plymouth area. We always come in at at least half the price of big name companies like PC World who offer such services as “fixed price laptop repair” guess how much they charge? £230!!!!! You must be joking we can usually do most repairs for under £100 at least. So email or give us a call for a quote.

We repair desktops to!

Ransomware / virus removal service provider in Aberdeen, UK

I personally know of 6 businesses since the start of the year that have been hit by ransomware.  That might not sound like a big number but when you factor in the amount of businesses I actually work with then it’s something like a 20% of them.


This is a serious problem in the IT industry.  Hardly anyone in business is talking about it.  I read a great article on the subject of preventing ransomware and also what to do if you get ransomware on your machine (how to remove it).

Both these were written by Scott Millar who runs IT Rockstars which is an IT company based in Aberdeen.  They specifically deal with ransomware and IT security for the north east of Scotland.

Well Scott’s a big advocate for getting the word out there about what the threts are and I’m interested to hear what videos he does on the subject.

One to keep you eye on.

I was about to enhance my graphics card so I might possibly have fun with the latest games for my personal computer however I had a couple of issues.

1) I just didn’t have enough money or even budget to get this done

2) I didn’t understand how to change out the graphics card on my own home pc.


Luckily I use this great site that supplies Discount Wonga Code this gave me the spare money I required.


I got in touch with Laptop Repair Plymouth and they advised me on the best bang for money graphics card to buy using the money I had. They even installed the graphics card free of charge so I only needed to finance the actual components. First class service from these fellas!

Morgan ~ Plymouth

remote desktop support

Remote computer Plymouth support is a reasonably new strategy within the personal computer and laptop repair business. Many computer businesses are now making their complete business around offering users remotely.
There are a lot of advantages for a business owner to provide remote pc repair they will become very noticeable when operating underneath the remote computer repair structure.
Together with advantages there’s also shortcomings and some obstacles I would like to investigate with a bit more depth.
Firstly should you be providing remote computer support you can pretty much guarantee there’s a cost saving attached with not having to visit this company or people place of work/home to service their laptop. This is actually a great advantage to both organization and the customer. No fuel to pay for suggests reduced costs in general.
Next you have the swift response time of remote pc repair. Your customer’s computer is often repaired just by getting in touch with the remote computer repair business and in minutes there will be a laptop technician remotely connected to your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet addressing your IT help problem.
Now these two points I have summarised previously mentioned are usually advantages to remote computer support. There can also be several drawbacks to repairing a computer remotely.
Hardware failures happen in computer systems and these can’t be resolved remotely. This could be a problem for the client and the laptop repair business. The client will have to pay a call out charge linked to the laptop/computer repair expert coming onsite to change out the faulty component. The repair company will have to book time and a technician to visit on-site and perform the exchange out of existing faulty computer hardware. There is also the chance that the repair service might require more than one call out. The 1st to establish exactly what laptop part has went defective. This could be everything from

  • Cracked Ipad 2 display
  • Defective harddrive
  • Bad ram
  • Power blown on power supply unit
  • Water damage to laptop or computer
  • Intermittent problem
  • This obviously isn’t a comprehensive list. If you are fortunate the remote computer support business will have knowledgeable engineers that’ll be in a position to determine the computer hardware fault in advance of visiting, however, not in every case.

    The other disadvantage to remote computer repair providers is virus and malware infections. Typically every time a trojan takes hold on a computer system the internet can be blocked or the bandwidth is used by the trojan. In this case the computer specialist might not be in the position to connect to your laptop or computer to offer you remote computer repair. There are of course some straightforward approaches round this difficulty like starting up your laptop or computer up in safe mode together with networking enabled. And then starting the remote pc repair application. This typically gets round the trojan until such time that the Laptop/Computer technician has preformed the important steps to clean your personal computer of the virus.

    Remote Computer Support Programs

    So you may possibly be reading this information and manage an IT help and support company well over the years we all here are already supplying all types of remote computer repair and have utilised many remote viewing applications to connect to user computers to offer IT service. Here is a number of a few of the software products we have used with some feedback of our experiences.

    Teamview: Outstanding application along with simple to download software. Offers the added advantage you can do a remote reboot directly into safe mode 5 Stars

    Goto Assist: this software was developed by the big corporate company Citrix around their own technology. A tad clunky to set up but it really comes with the added selling point of “install as service” which works wonders if you are wanting to perform administrative activities upon domain workstation.

    GFI Managment: This is a jack of all as well as the remote assistance section of the suite is actually just team viewer. Hats off to GFI though – fantastic way to maintain users and easily connect to their computers via the GFI dash panel

    Join ME: Only just stared using this webapp. Looks incredibly advanced and such a compact client software application. Awesome looking website.

    VNC: It is old school, employed this in the past ahead of any of the above remote computer repair software companies. Can’t fault it however I feel the others above provide far more than what this does now.

    Bottom line: The above remote computer repair applications possess very good qualities. I would not write anyone of them off. They almost all have their own little hickups but you are going to get that when connecting over the internet to your clients.

    Be a part of the message board to ask any questions you might have about Remote Computer Support and where to start.

    Recover file companies

    Laptop Repair Plymouth offer you recovery providers as well as help out with Plymouth and also around locations.

    Ohh simply no my personal computer has eradicated i can’t get into it! All my documents take presctiption my own personal computer which includes my photographs, music, video tutorials and all sorts of my messages.
    Exactly what do I really do?
    Well we aren’t actually astonished to listen to this kind of problem weekly. Usually it’s because your hard disk features failed on your own laptop or possibly a malware features contaminated one’s body. Sometimes software program revisions by Microsoft or your anti-virus creator will bust the actual start-up process of your computer or even laptop computer currently helping you to be in.
    The procedure pertaining to fixing this challenge is the thing that is well known in the market because data recovery. Here inside Plymouth we all conduct data recovery on regular basis pertaining to clients. Most small enterprises and also home consumers fail to do backups of their info as well as that’s in which many of us appear in. We have got tools and data regarding how to have the data off of one’s body in order to hop on again.
    Our very best amount of assistance is obviously to always copy your computer data. Up until finally lately we didn’t have any kind of back up alternatives ourselves. That has been until finally all of us heard about software program named Mozy. All you need to do is check out the website and join the particular completely free trail. A little down-loadable put in program is run on your pc along with your info is then duplicated routinely for the Mozy machines over the internet. You do not need to bother about backs or perhaps dropping your computer data anymore. Best of could be that the service is totally free is that you simply have got 2GB of internet data as well as a smaller amount as well as it’s most programmed!
    Right now time for data recovery! We retrieve info from mobile computer hard drives, desktop methods, apple company apple computers, servers, raid arrays, camera/photo recollection credit cards. You brand this we can usually recover the idea. Sometimes the information storage unit could be poorly broken regarding been unsuccessful complete in these cases we all use a consultant data recovery agency pertaining to hard to do recover file work.
    All of us always estimate prior to totally a job so as well as it’s always no cost for people to think about your system and offer a quotation.

    Computer system Problems

    We have got been repairning pc systems for many many years. Since we started we have generally appreciated to explain to our customers of our most effective guidance and service. Around the next coming 4 months we will probably be intending to have our website articles updated on a each week basis with 10 weblog blogposts per week we are looking at talking about computer and it assistance in Plymouth around a four week period

    Keep your computer clean.

    One of the things that really bug us is the amount of times we see dirty computers.  The first thing we do with most laptops when we get them in is wipe them down with an anti-bacterial wipe.  You’d be amazed how dirty some of the laptops we get in are.  And we do not want to even start guessing what some of the marks are (yuck!)

    I guess you could call this an added value service when you bring your computer or laptop to us we will clean it free of charge.

    Now I’m sure most of the people reading this are quite clean and keep their workstations/notebooks clean however what about inside the computer?  Well there are some horror stories of how dirty computers can get internally.

    You see most laptops and PCs have fans that blow cool air into the laptop.  If you have your system in a dusty or smoky environment you can be assured a computer that will not last as long.  In fact I dare to say it but by smoking you are reducing the life expectancy of your computer, not only yourself.

    spiders in computer

    Ok I’m gonna stop lecturing now!  But if you are worried about having a dirty computer with a build up of dust one of the first tell tale signs is dust build-up over the ventilation ducts on your laptop or computer.

    Your system fan may be on a lot more than usual or louder than it should be.  That’s because it’s having to work extra hard to keep your system cool.  If the fan can’t keep the system cool the computer will start to become slower.  This is an inbuilt feature on most modern day CPUs.  Once they get to a certain temperature they will slow down to stop producing as much heat which may damage your laptop.

    Notebook computer power jacks

    One of many notebook computer repair problems is when the power connection breaks down on a laptop computer. Sometimes these are generally referred to as Power jack port, power connection or power socket. Just about all these titles refer to the primary power port on a notebook computer.
    laptop repair plymouthThe notebook DC port can easily stop working for many causes. Occasionally we get potential customers coming to us that suggest that the laptop power port has failed when in truth it is actually the power charger and nothing to do with the laptop itself.
    The electric power jack malfunction could be due to the following causes:

    Snapped away: the electricity cord may have been boldy ripped from the netbook.

    Worn out: with time inserting and also unplugging the power cable to the notebook computer wears down the laptop dc jack port connection and the soldier connections could become loose

    Dropped the notebook: you may have dropped the laptop and the electrical power connector has slipped directly into itself.

    These are only some of the causes power jack port could have failed. Luckily nearly all Electrical ports are extremely low-priced to replace, the price of a brand new port is only a couple of pounds based on the model of notebook.

    The primary expense whenever fixing a Dc jack port on a notebook computer is the time associated. The whole entire laptop is required to be stripped down and taken apart to get to the main motherboard which contains the laptop computer Dc port. This consists of typically between 1 hour to 2 hours worth of labor. Once the notebook computer has been dissembled it’s then a case of de-soldering the old Power jack and exchanging with a new Dc port.

    The brand new Dc jack port is then analyzed prior to re-constructing the netbook. As soon as every tests are accomplished it is a case of putting the laptop back together. This operation is time intensive and as part of the process we often give the internal notebook parts a good thoroughly clean as dirt may build-up over time and having a internally clean laptop computer can cause longer life expectancy which can be an additional value service that we offer.

    laptop motherboard repiars

    As mentioned the principle expense when it concerns exchanging a netbook Dc jack is the time involved thankfully this particular repair is offered with a fixed price. Right now there are a handful of models of notebook where it may cost a tad bit more to repair the Dc jack port but this is because of the availability of parts. You’ll come across some types of Sony VAIO laptops and acer’s fall under this particular category nevertheless it a small percentage.

    As stated at the start of this short article we occassionally receive potential customers visiting us when they believe that there port is on the blink however after some preliminary testing the notebook wall charger is at fault. We use top of the range multi meter’s to determine the current from the laptop charger, if we don’t get a regular voltage from the battery charger then we swap the charger – this usually cures the issue. The other advantage of testing both the Dc jack port and battery charger is the fact that replacing a laptop computer charger is a far easier and more affordable option.

    Sometime it’s not worth the bother!

    We’d a client in this monday that has a laptop computer that they had dropped upon a hard surface. The particular laptop computer hinge was come apart but by the looks of the item clearly there was no more harm. This is going to be a straightforward refurbish all of us thought. Just about all which was considered necessary was a completely new hinge along with Lcd top for the screen.

    But after we had the netbook taken apart for diagnostic tests purposes we identified that the laptop computer had not been booting or even turning on. On top of this the client mentioned that the display was very fuzzy. Out of those other 2 issues we found that the laptop computer mother board ended up being faulty as was the laptop screen.

    Our client had requested us for an insurance statement, clearly after uncovering these other two defects the netbook would be a write off. It would’ve cost more to order a completely new hinge, case along with fix the system board and then swap the Lcd screen. In fact the model of notebook goes for significantly less used on ebay than the price of the quoted repair. It was not worth the clients bother or our time to finish the repair on this notebook.

    Fortunately here at Laptop Repair Plymouth we almost always offer the client multiple solution to their issue and we frequently like to offer our clients the very best experience from our service.

    We carried out an engineer’s examination record for the insurance company and emailed this off to them. After that called the customer and told them the bad news, it wasn’t worth the repair and that they’d have to buy a brand-new laptop. As we offer such terrific assistance we retrieved the data off the notebook computer free of charge for the customer and offered a duplicate of the customer’s data on blank Dvds ready to be used their brand new netbook.

    In return for all our work we agreed to reuse the laptop at no cost! You see a defective netbooks does hold some worth. The screen if still operating was a nice matt 15.4″ panel.

    These can be quite costly to buy in excess of £50 therefore in the event that the laptop screen is still functioning we’ve just saved ourselves a several ££ off our following laptop screen repair problem. There can be a plus aspect towards the misfortune involving other individuals. This just happens to be ours. On the topic of defective laptop computers we provide money and will buy your outdated computer as we are able to use a few of the elements inside them.
    This includes the hard disc drive, having said that we tend to shy away from using used hard drives within our repairs as a result of bad sectors and other things like the fact that the hard disk is essential to the notebook process and we would rather use completely new drives in every our repairs.
    dell laptop repairs plymouth
    Laptop LCDs as mentioned can be re-used in different laptops. This has the included advantage since the customer has to fork out much less for a refurbished screen or what is regarded in the market as “B grade stock”
    Notebook RAM could also be used within other netbooks, this is convenient if we are coming to update a notebook computer possessing 2nd hand RAM if large enough size is excellent.

    We without exception check our 2nd hand RAM prior to installing it in any other netbook with our memory burn in screening software. This is the most crucial key to employing used RAM in other machines.
    So if you have a faulty notebook that’s likely to cost you an arm or perhaps a leg to correct (maybe both) do not worry! Sit down back and relax. You can sell it as being faulty and utilize the cash to a brand-new laptop or pc!